Goin’ bananas in Asia

When it comes to desserts, Southeast Asia has gone bananas!

Text and Photo by Jennifer Ellson


Gallivanting around Southeast Asia has taught me that despite their different languages, religions and cultures, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and most Asian countries near the equator share this common trait: they love their dolce banana!

Okay, so I learned many other things, I swear! But I mostly pay attention to desserts, so let me take you with me and introduce you to desserts around the world, starting with what Filipinos call minatamis na saging. It is also a popular Khmer dessert, chek chheung, and Thais call it kluay khai chuam. They all translate to ‘bananas cooked in sugar syrup’, and it is really as simple as that: boil bananas in sugary water until the liquid becomes a syrup, then serve. Dolce banana, indeed!

So don’t wait another Day-O! Try to make it yourself and tell us about it on Twitter or Facebook. For best results, use plantains and brown sugar. Come mister tally man, tally me bananas — you know you want to!

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  1. Jerry Sands Reply

    I had the fried version once in Thailand!

    • oh yes, they do everything to bananas: fry, grill, boil .. you name it, they do it! :)

  2. Sandra Meyers Reply

    LOL at “dolce banana”.