The king of crabs

Next time you order the world famous Singapore chilli and pepper crab, be sure to ask for the Alaskan king crab, if available.

Text and Photo by Jennifer Ellson


Most restaurants serve the famous Singapore pepper or chilli crab dish using Sri Lankan crab (also called scylla or mud crab), which is actually pretty good. But many foodies have declared the  tastiest crab to be Alaskan king crab, probably named because it is the biggest crab in the world and the most dangerous to catch.

And there is a catch, indeed: crustaceans of this variety tend to be very pricey. Expect to pay some US$20/lb. for this seafood — and a single crab usually weighs between 8-12 lbs.!

Alaskan… Singaporean… Sri Lankan… Now who would’ve thunk that racial profiling applies to crabs too?

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  1. claudia knight Reply

    best crab for me too!

  2. Sandra Meyers Reply

    this is a very well-written piece. who would even think of writing about crabs the way you did and make it sound so interesting and appetizing at once? only you, my dear.

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