Where in the world is the real X-Men and Luthor Mansion?

Where in the world is this castle?

Where can you find the Hatley Castle, which you might recognize as Xavier Institute/Professor X’s mansion in X-Men films, or the Luthor Mansion in the hit TV show Smallville?

Clue: It is where you can have the classic afternoon tea at the iconic The Empress. It is also home to the second oldest Chinatown in North America – dimsum, anyone?

Answer is below, after the jump.

It is located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada!


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Photo by Jennifer Ellson. All rights reserved.

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  1. Sandra Meyers Reply

    for real????

      • Sandra Meyers Reply

        i didn’t realize that xmen was shot in canada. this is great info, as usual, jennifer

      • Me neither. I know they shot Smallville around Vancouver, though, as I was a fan of the show!

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